Drooling for a Purpose

Our Bandana Bibs Are Being Drooled On For A Bigger Purpose!

Not only do we make sure that every single one of our bandana bibs is designed and made with care and love, but we have decided to join the fight against human trafficking by donating a percentage of each Matimati Baby bandana bib set that is sold to a non-profit organization called Chain Reaction. 

"Drooling for a Purpose" is what we want to call this effort. Chain Reaction is an organization dedicated to rescuing and restoring children where human trafficking, also known as modern-day slavery, is prevalent. This organization works hard to protect innocent children from those that exploit them. The founders are people of integrity and with a heart and passion for these innocent little ones that end up as victims of this great monster. We want our small shop and you to be part of the fight so every month we donate a portion of our sales to this amazing organization so they can keep expanding their impact and influence. Every dollar we donate to Chain Reaction allows them to keep proactively rescuing children, feeding them, and pointing them in the direction of love, hope, and restoration.

Remember that every time you purchase a Matimati Baby bib set you are receiving some amazingly designed and super absorbent drools bibs, plus you and your little one are also joining the fight against human trafficking!