Our Story



Hi there!

My name is Laura and this is my son Matias, the inspiration for our awesome shop Matimati Baby :)

We are a family-owned business proudly making and selling baby bandana drool bibs. It all started when Matias became a little drool monster when he was only 4 months old. My husband and I found ourselves changing his clothes 3 to 4 times a day just to keep his neck and chest dry, but that was too much work; plus it created a lot of laundry to do! And we didn't really like for him to wear a bib all day long because it just covered his cute outfits. Until we found the perfect bandana bibs!

We tested out many brands and fabrics and could not really find the perfect fit, so we decided to make our own bandana bibs. Thus, Matimati Baby was created.

Our bandana bibs are designed and made with love to provide a stylish yet functional alternative to the traditional baby bib. They are super absorbent and are perfect to accessorize any outfit. 

Many people ask us what Matimati means. It is our son's nickname derived from Matias, which means "a gift or blessing from God". And that's what we want our shop to be. We want to be a little blessing in our customers' lives by bringing them this cute yet practical accessory.

And it does not stop there; we have partnered with a non-profit organization called Chain Reaction ( to join the fight against human trafficking in places like Cambodia. Every month we donate a portion of our sales to this great organization so they can keep rescuing and restoring little ones around the world. So every time your babe wears a Matimati drool bib, he or she is also making a difference in this world!